Equilibrium Is Essential

We are frequently looking for answers, reasons and meanings. We want the solution to a problem, the key to the lock, the antidote to a poison. The beauty of life is in balance. Everything has good and bad, it has support and it has challenge. This applies to every circumstance, every situation, every person, every relationship and every emotion. What we could strive for is balance on the continuum or scale. Being completely passive is as unhealthy as completely aggressive, being completely emotional is as unhealthy as being completely emotionless. We all have the same qualities, skills and emotions we just sit on a different place on the continuum or scale. We are generally more one way than the other. When we strive for a middle ground, an equilibrium we feel balance and peace. When we are too far one way or the other, it can be disruptive and unhelpful to us. Equilibrium is essential.

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