Ego Awareness

We all have ego, when we have no awareness of our ego it is more fragile and overactive. It drives all of our behaviour, our mindsets are rigid and fixed and our disagreements feel like threats to us. We are not our egos, we just have an ego. The more work we do on ourselves the more we understand this to be the case. When our ego is taking over we will know because we feel comfortable and balanced and then suddenly start doubting ourselves. We can’t find peace, only worry and stress and we may start comparing ourselves to others. We may still be equating satisfaction with material gains and may feel needy and unworthy. We may get anxious when we are not doing something. Our ego also tells us stories to keep us small, it drives a fear of failure story in us ‘I’ll look silly’; It drives invalidaton stories in us ‘I’m not good enough for that’; It drives undermining stories in us ‘I don’t have the time/knowledge’; It drives us to outsource our worth ‘this person/book/class will be the solution’ Knowing this is the ego and not who we really are is helpful for us to be able to mentally step back and let it go. Do you have ego awareness?

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