Easily Offended = Easily Manipulated

Sometimes people can attempt to trigger us by insulting us or doing or saying something that irritates us. This can be intentional or not. When this happens we have an opportunity to practice and to grow. Take a minute and take a breath. We don’t need to react, we often don’t even need to respond. When we are easily offended, we are easily manipulated. It is easy to be offended, there will always be many things we don’t like or we don’t agree with. Some people are not emotionally or intellectually evolved in the same way or to the same depth as we may be. Not everyone is able to process their emotions or hold space for alternative opinions or perspectives. That’s ok, we have likely been there. The more work we do, the more we understand and learn about ourselves and growth we experience, the less offended we become. Insecurity is loud, confidence is quiet. Easily offended = easily manipulated.

#offended #manipulated #takeaminute #takeabreath #responddontreact #letitgo

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