Don’t Should On Yourself

Our self-talk can celebrate us or it can berate us. The voice in our head tells us, ‘you should have done this’, or ‘you should have done that’, like you’re being told off by a parent. Life is often challenging enough without having that inner critic in us telling us what we should or shouldn’t have done. Changing that voice to be kinder, more compassionate and more empathic is possible. We can change that self-talk to be the voice we speak when we are helping or consoling a friend or family member. Often we talk to ourselves in the most harsh of ways, it’s a habit that has developed over years and been left unchecked and uncorrected. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we could have done better, sometimes we should have done something and we didn’t do it. So what? We are human. We can learn from our mistakes without that inner critic in us berating us over and over. Actively correct the thought, use affirmations, write it down what you’re being told and rewrite it in a positive and constructive way. Over time, we can change that voice to be kinder. We are never truly kind and compassionate with others, unless we can learn to be like that with ourselves first. Practice and learn to be your inner ally, not your inner critic. Don’t should on yourself.

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