Don’t Manage Their Behaviour, Manage Your Expectations

One of the biggest understandings of self-development is learning that other people’s behaviour is always about them. People act how they feel about themselves, It has very little to do with us. We cannot control what people do, we can only ever control our reaction or response to it. Boundaries comes from a place of self-worth. When our self-worth grows, so does the strength of our boundaries. Boundaries are only boundaries when they are spoken out loud. What is not ok with is, is not ok with us. It requires no elaboration or explanation, it is enough, we are enough. When we expect other people to behave in the way that we would we are likely to be disappointed, that’s where disappointment comes from, having expectations. We can hope that others will ‘do the right thing’ but not expect it, there is a difference. We don’t need to manage their behaviour, we need to manage our expectations.

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