Don’t Dislike Don’t Care

When we dislike something or someone we are attaching energy and effort into something that doesn’t serve us. It takes up space in our consciousness and our lives. There is only so much space we have to use, when something isn’t healthy or helpful it takes space away from something that is. We can learn to not attach unhelpful feelings to situations, circumstances and people. It takes practice but it is possible. When we don’t care, when we don’t have a view on something or someone it doesn’t take any space. Acceptance helps prepare us to and forgiveness frees up this space. Accepting what and who, not wanting to change or challenge it and then forgiving and/or letting it go is the process. Any dislike, discomfort or discord can go. It doesn’t help us and we don’t need it, it can be discarded. Don’t dislike, don’t care.

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