Do You Want Comfort Or Solutions?

Many of us are a ‘go to’ person, we are a friend, a partner, a colleague, a family member and we care about those around us. Establishing whether the people we care about when coming to us want comfort or solutions is a great way of being the best support we can in any situation. Sometimes someone doesn’t want any advice, they just want someone to listen and comfort them. Sometimes someone doesn’t want comfort, they want some clarity, some advice or some help. The only way we will know is to ask, then to listen and to really hear the answer. No matter how much we want to give a solution, when someone just wants comfort, that’s what we should give.

There will be times in our lives where we feel the same. We know what we should have done or should do, but we just want someone to tell us everything will be ok, soothe us and give us a hug, that’s it. Hearing unsolicited advice can actually make a challenging situation even worse in our minds. Similarly, when we have been in a bind, when we are being soothed, the only comfort we need is help to get us out of it. We need support in the way of solutions. So the next time someone comes to you, ask do you want comfort or solutions?

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