Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong

One of the best things about people is how different we are. Everyone has a different story, a different point of view, a different energy. We believe our own stories and points of view because they are personally our own, they are our truth, they are right to us. Sometimes when we feel we are right it creates a reaction for someone else to be wrong. Two people can see the same thing in a different way and both still be right. When we start to engage with people to be heard and understood instead of being right or wrong, life gets better. When we are open to challenge, open to a different perspective we learn more and we grow. There is not much more interesting in life than seeing something in a new way, or thinking about something in a different way than you have ever seen or thought of it before. When our minds are closed this can’t happen. When we are closed we like to shut down thoughts, ideas and points of view. Developing our tolerance helps keep our minds open. Different doesn’t mean wrong.

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