Create Space

The more we acquire and the more we hold onto and the less space we have. When what we are holding is unhealthy or unhelpful we don’t have the space for better. Some of us like to regularly spring clean, we don’t hoard, we don’t keep what we don’t use. If something isn’t helpful to us, it goes. Then there are some of us like to hang on to everything. Every space we have has something in it. Things that have no use, are broken or need repairing. We have duplicates, we have things we will likely never use or need. We hold a lot of unhelpful things and continue to add to them. When our life is full of things that we don’t use or need, that are unhelpful or unhealthy we have less space for things we will use, we do need and are healthy and helpful. Whether it be our home or our mind it is important to declutter, to donate or dump what doesn’t help us, we can then create space for better.

#createspace #letitgo #weliveinourminds

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