Consistency Is Even Rarer Than Talent Or Enthusiasm

Talent is rare but can be cultivated. Enthusiasm is also rare but can be practised. Consistency is even rarer than talent or enthusiasm. Being consistent and keeping going with the same effort even when we don’t and can’t see any results is hard. Its hard so many people give up, they aren’t consistent. Consistency is rare but it can be cultivated, it can be practised it can be developed. It starts small, the small little promises or words you keep to yourself. When you start to do what you say you are going to do. This build self-trust and the achievement can build self-esteem. When we start to add bravery to these actions by attempting things that make us slightly uncomfortable our self-confidence starts to build. We then start to attempt more and more bigger and more uncomfortable things. When we become consistent in these actions success can become inevitable. It’s rare but it’s possible for anyone to cultivate it. Only you can do that for yourself. Try and fail, keep failing until you succeed. Consistency is even rarer than talent of enthusiasm.

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