Consistency Builds Trust

When their words and actions match, a person is consistent and trust begins to build within us. When our own actions and words match, our self-trust continues to build within us. Doing what you say, keeping the words you say to yourself builds internal integrity, it builds our character and our discipline. When others are inconsistent it creates doubt. When someone doesn’t do what they say they will do it breaks down trust, it makes it difficult to believe their words in the future. Some people are not consistent people, it doesn’t make someone a bad person they are just inconsistent. When we know this about someone, we can choose to engage with them or not. It’s our choice, but shouldn’t be surprised at their potential inconsistency in the future. When we cannot commit to something we shouldn’t. When we make a mistake and do commit and fail on that commitment, we can apologise and make amends. Part of making the amends is not making the same mistake again. We can then rebuild the trust and become more consistent to others and ourselves. Consistency builds trust.

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