Charisma Comes From Loving Who You Are.

Some people we meet are incredibly charismatic, they are charming and attractive in a way that sometimes can’t be defined. The more we start to accept ourselves and build on the acceptance of self to a liking and then loving of who we really are the more attractive we become. That’s where charisma comes from. The most charismatic people really like who they are and it shows. We can feel it energetically and are often attracted to it and to them. Self acceptance is a process, some of us are much further down the path to it than others. How we were raised, what we have experienced and the work we have done and are doing on ourselves defines our progress. When we know who we are authentically and we accept who we are, we can then start to like who we are then love who we are. It’s possible for all of us. Want to be more charismatic? Look within, that’s where it is. Charisma comes from loving who we are.

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