Character: How You Treat Someone That Can Do Nothing For You

We interact with people all the time, whether it be in person, over the phone and or online. Do we treat everyone the same way? Like we know them? Do we change what and how we say things based upon what we want and need from the person we are interacting with? If we don’t need anything from that person, or they can do nothing for us how does that change our view, our efforts and our communication with them? It’s an interesting thought and something to reflect on in our own lives without being defensive. What is our character? Who are we? How do we treat people? All people? I am sure we would like to think we are always kind, generous, loving to all. Perhaps we are? Perhaps we aren’t? Universally, every person just wants to be seen and every person wants to be heard. They want to know that they matter. If we can look everyone we interact with in the eye, they know we see them. We can smile to connect with them. We can practice listening without forming an opinion. We can give our full attention to a person, in the moment. We can do this knowing someone can do something for us or they cannot. It’s not always easy, it’s not always comfortable. Connection is a skill we can cultivate and our character can evolve. We know how it feels when we are seen and acknowledged and when we are listened to and heard. We also know how it feels when we are not seen and not heard. Do we want to let others feel that way no matter how unimportant that seem to be to us? Character is how you treat someone that can do nothing for you.

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