Change Is Glacial

We don’t wake up after a working out for a while and become so toned we notice. We look any different after dieting for a few weeks. We can’t play an instrument fully or very well after a couple of lessons. We don’t become disciplined after being disciplined a couple of times. We don’t immediately change our perspective when seeing something in a new way. Very rarely is change instant, very rarely is change an epiphany. Most change is cumulative, it is gradual and it is glacial in pace. It’s important we take pictures and measurements when changing our or body shape or improving our physical fitness is our goal. It’s important to journal how we feel, how we think and how we react/respond when changing our mindset or improving our mental fitness is our goal. Change can take a long time, much of this so gradual we cannot notice or seem to see any results. Because we don’t notice the differences, it’s good to have markers of where we started and daily notes, weekly weigh ins and monthly measurements. Tracking progress is a habit to build with practice in itself but it helps, it really helps. When we have so much further to go it is rewarding to see how far we have come. Sometimes we don’t even start or attempt goals because it may or will take a very long time to achieve. All I can say to that is the time will pass anyway, you might aswell be going for what you want. Just start, then keep going. You got this. Don’t be disheartened, change is glacial.

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