Boundaries Come From A Place Of Self-Worth

For those of us that need to cultivate self-worth it is sometimes a struggle, especially to know how we are progressing. When we start to set and communicate boundaries we know we are making self-worth progress because that is where they come from. When we understand that our needs matter, when we understand that our needs are more important to us than other peoples comfort; When we say what is or isn’t acceptable to us and don’t feel the need to over-explain ourselves because of it, we are there. We are enough, our needs are enough and do not need justification or explanation. Saying ‘That’s not ok with me’ without shame or guilt or explaining or blaming is growth, it’s the growth of our self-worth. We are worthy of acceptance, love, belonging and connection as our authentic selves. We have the right and need to feel safe and comfortable as who we are, unedited and unapologetically us. Boundaries come from a place of self-worth.

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