Being Treated Right Is More Important Than Trying To Be Right For Them

How someone treats us is a reflection of them, not of us. How we respond to the treatment is a reflection of us, not of them. If we choose to continue to engage when we are not being treated how we expect to be, that is our choice. Changing ourselves to fit with that treatment is also a choice. The right people for us will always treat us the right way and/or they will value, accept and adhere to our boundaries and how we expect to be treated. Trying to change ourselves rather than creating or communicating a boundary is a classic case of inauthenticity on our part. We are fostering a relationship based on a false self. True, real and authentic connections rely on us (and them) being true, real and authentic with us and with them. Be you, and only be treated well. Encourage others to be them and only treat them well. Trying to be right for someone won’t make it work, it just makes us anxious. Being treated right is more important than trying to be right for them.

#authenticity #boundaries #treatpeoplewell #beyou #dontacceptless

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