Being Brave Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Scared

To build confidence, to learn and to grow involves a level of discomfort. It requires us to be brave and do or experience things we are uncomfortable with or may be afraid of. Being brave and having courage to try and attempt something doesn’t mean we aren’t scared. It means we are doing it anyway. The fears we have can even disappear when we do what we are fearful of, but will always be with us at least to start. The more things we attempt the bigger our bravery becomes. Everything has as much chance of working out than not, but only if we try. When we don’t try there is no chance of anything happening at all. Being brave is a form of self-care. It builds our resilience and our confidence to be able to tackle and accept bigger challenges we face as life progresses. When we can face into challenge with more confidence and resilience, we feel better, we get better, life gets better. Being brave doesn’t mean you are not scared.

#beingbrave #selfcare #beingbravedoesntmeanyouarenotscared

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