Be Wary Of Those That Don’t Clap When You Win.

When you work on yourself, or when you work on anything in your life and then start to achieve results and success you learn a lot about yourself. You also learn about the people around you. Not everyone will be happy for you, not everyone will be supportive and not everyone will encourage you. The reality is some people will see your achievements as a mirror for themselves and become frustrated and they will need to discharge this frustration either at you directly (by mocking, by justifying themselves, by picking fault or in any other number of ways) or indirectly at you (by just not being supportive, by not acknowledging you or your success or by not being genuine).

You will never be criticised by anyone doing more than you, only by people doing less than you. When someone wins even if you don’t know them, clap loudly. It doesn’t take anything away from your progress or your success when you cheer on or encourage and genuinely support others. Be wary of those that don’t clap when you win because there is no reason not to.

#wewaryofthosethatdontclapwhenyouwin #noteveryonesupportsus #itsok

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