Be Prepared To Keep Putting Work In When You Can’t See Progress

In the process of achievement, we won’t always be able to see where we’re going, or where we’ve been. Sometimes it will feel like we are not making any progress because we can't see any results. Plateaus in life are a reality. The achievement of any goal will have times where it feels like we are standing still, it will feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. This is the point we just need to keep going. We only fail when we stop, keep going, keep trying, keep moving. If the journey of achievement was alway full of results and obvious progress we would be highly motivated all the time and everyone would be achieving everything they ever dreamed possible. Success comes to those that persevere without progress, for those that carry on consistently, for those that get back up when they fall down. Be prepared to keep putting work in even when you can’t see progress.

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