Be Good To People For No Reason

Every day we are given choices on how we treat ourselves and how we treat other people. We can choose to be dismissive, to not make eye contact, to not say hello or to not smile. We can choose to walk by and not get involved, we can choose not the assist someone that really needs it. We can choose not to engage in a situation or not to reply to someone. We can choose not to be friendly and not to be helpful. Or we can choose to do the opposite. Sometimes it feels like effort, sometimes we cannot be bothered, this is when we should consider doing it the most. Be bothered, it not only makes a difference to the other person but a surprising difference to you and your day. It’s not something that you notice until afterwards. It really takes practice, it takes a making a conscious choice. It’s not always easy and we don’t always get it right… Before we decide to choose not to, stop. Take a breath and make a different choice. Be good to people for no reason.

#begoodtopeoplefornoreason #friendly #helpful

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