Be Consciously Self Conscious

There are times where we all feel self-conscious, we feel some insecurity and/or a lack of some sort. It’s all fear. We will be thinking people are looking at us, making judgements about us, comparing or mocking or criticising us. Maybe they are, or maybe it’s our insecurities that are creating that narrative in our minds. Our thoughts are our thoughts, they are not always facts. Even if we are being judged, whoever it is that is judging us is making those judgements our of their own fear and insecurity. A secure person doesn’t judge or compare, they don’t engage in that way at all. When we feel self-conscious we can choose to get curious. ‘What is making me feel this way?’ ‘What am I fearful of?’. Acknowledgement of how we feel is the first step in being able to accept it then change it. When we feel judged, whether it is real or imagined we are having our own fear mirrored back to us. Other peoples behaviour is about them it’s not about us, just as our own behaviour is about us it's not about them. We can become curious and consciously self-conscious.

#selfconscious #fear #insecurities #weallhaveit

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