Avoiding Conflict To Keep Peace With Someone Can Start Conflict Inside Yourself

Many of us avoid any type of conflict, we avoid any potential drama or confrontation. I get it. Many of us don’t like it, we resist it, we would rather say nothing than really say what needs to be said just to avoid the discomfort. When we don’t say it, when we think we are letting it go we often aren’t. We are silencing ourselves externally to keep some peace when all we are doing it raising the volume of it inside of our own minds. Fighting isn’t healthy, arguments are unnecessary, reacting isn’t required. A considered and calm response, a speaking of our truth and perspective is healthy, it is necessary and it is required. What we don’t say stays. It stays within us and creates conflict within is, all to avoid a potential conflict with someone else. We don’t ever need to be insulting or intentionally hurtful, but we do need to be honest. Honest with ourselves and with others. Sometimes that will trigger other people, but that reaction, the words and behaviours of others is only ever about them, it’s not about us. Ask questions more than make statements. Seek to understand and clarify rather than influence and be right. Speak up, speak out and stay you piece. It’s brave, its often challenging and we won’t always get it right. It takes practice, but it’s possible. When we choose not to, we are fuelling the conflicts within our own minds. Avoiding conflict to keep the peace with someone can start conflict inside yourself.

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