At First, But Then: What’s Possible

Our journey starts and becomes many things, we are who we are, we all have potential, we all have opportunity, we just need to be open to the possibility. We can go from feeling weak to strong; Restless to calm; Fearful to resilient; Lonely to centred; Insecure to safe; Avoidant to connected; Shameful to honest; Loathe to love; Sad to Joyful. When we think something is impossible, it remains impossible. The only limits we really have are the limits we place on ourselves. Just because we haven’t been somewhere, doesn’t mean that place does not exist. We don’t even need to know how to get there, we just need to know that’s where we are going. We can get directions, we can figure it out, anything is possible. So whether we want to get to calm, resilient, centred, safe, connected, honest, love or joyful we just need to know that’s where we are going and be open to the possibility that we can get there. At first we are here, where we are right now; But then we can go there, where we want to go. It’s possible even when we don’t know the way yet. At first, but then: What's possible.

#growth #mindset #wecangothere

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