Asking For Help Is Healthy

Many of us resist asking for help, even when we offer it willingly. We like to be self-sufficient, we don’t want to be a ‘burden’ or an inconvenience. We may be the one that always helps, we love to do it, we want to do it. When we don’t ask for or accept help not only are we not getting what we need, we are taking away the opportunity from someone that may want to do what we love to do. It can be selfish not asking for help, or not accepting it. It is also a sign of great strength, it’s not weakness. It’s healthy, we are not meant to be islands, we are not meant to be able to do and manage everything on our own. When we let others help us, it can help them. When we ask for help it shows others it’s ok to ask for help. Whether it is something small or something significant, it’s a practice. It takes time to be comfortable with something that can feel uncomfortable to start with. Whatever we resist offers us the most amount of growth. Ask for help, it’s healthy.

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