Are You Suffering From Mental Indigestion?

Consuming large amounts of unhealthy, negative information mentally is similar to physical indigestion. How we feel after eating too much, especially of the wrong foods is uncomfortable, it’s bloating, it’s consuming, it’s tiring, it repeats. This is much the same with the mental fuel we choose to consume. When we don’t have regular mental breaks we become over stimulated, we suffer mental indigestion. Everything repeats on us, we feel off, we feel tired and exhausted but not necessarily sleepy. We live in a world of instant access information. We have constant noise and notifications. We scroll and we seek mindlessly like we could picking mindlessly at food at a buffet or when we are bored. If we ate constantly all day, we would get sick. When we consume mental fuel constantly all day, we can also get sick. Take a break. Switch off. Be quiet. You need it, we all need it. Are you suffering from mental indigestion?

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