Addiction is Giving Up Everything For One Thing. Recovery Is Giving Up One Thing For Everything

For those of us experiencing of that have experienced addiction we know how all consuming it can be. Some of us may be in denial of our addictions, rationalising them, blaming, over explaining, justifying, defending them… Addiction can happen to anyone. Some of us a re more pre-disposed to it but it can happen at any time. It creeps up on you, you don’t notice it, it literally just happens. We can overcome one and replace it with something else. Another substance, another behaviour, same challenge same result. Help and recovery is out there. It is unlikely you can overcome addiction and address the root of the problem on your own. The shame around the addiction, the guilt of your actions, the anxiety of change, the numbing of the pain. It’s hard, really hard. Sometimes there isn’t an easy way to do hard things. It’s possible to recover, it’s possible to overcome, it’s possible to heal the pain.

Addictions get worse over time, they get added to. We don’t intend it, they become everything. Reach out. Ask for help. Even if you don’t think you have a problem. Not everyone with a problem thinks they do. Don’t lose everything. Addiction is giving up everything for one thing. Recovery is giving up one thing for everything.

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