Achievement Doesn’t Come From What We Do Occasionally, It Comes From What We Do Consistently.

To change something, to achieve something or to create something, it all takes consistent effort. Routine, structure and habits are ways to build our own consistency. It is better to do something 5 minutes a day for a month consistently than 35 mins a week occasionally. You often hear ‘I’m not a structured person’ amongst other reasons as to why someone cannot do what they want to do. Some people adapt to and work to routine with more ease than others; For all of us it takes practise like anything else. For those that think you are not structured or don’t have a routine, we all brush our teeth (or should) don’t we? That has become part of a daily routine that is done without thinking. We can all add to our routines if we choose to, prioritising what is most important to us. Achievement doesn’t come from what we do occasionally, it comes from what we do consistently.

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