Accept Acceptance

When we say we need more money, better stuff, less fat, bigger muscles, nicer clothes… what we really need is self-acceptance. Accepting ourselves and being who we really are and ‘owning it’ is authenticity. When we live a life lying to ourselves, or not being honest with ourselves we are not accepting who we are. Without acceptance of ourselves we cannot love ourselves. This might just be portraying ourselves in an inauthentic way on social media or it might be just living for other people instead of ourselves. Accepting then embracing who we are is a stepping-stone to loving ourselves. Acceptance of our past and its mistakes help us release guilt. Mistakes are an inescapable part of the human experience. They are an opportunity for growth and progression. They also often bring up shame and embarrassment so we must be kind and compassionate to ourselves in the process. Self-acceptance is knowing we don’t have to be perfect to be worthy; Whatever we can do today is good enough; We can love ourselves despite our flaws; We are imperfect just like everyone else; We struggle because we are human; We deserve happiness, even when we make mistakes. We can learn to be ok with not being invited, included or considered..Accepting others is respecting our differences and being open minded. Whenever we are not accepting someone we are either wanting someone to change or we are judging them. Acceptance is also understanding and believing that when a person shows who they are we need to believe them. We cannot love someone fully if we do not accept them fully. We also need to learn to accept the situations and circumstances of life. We’re not always going to get the outcome, explanation or closure we deserve or want. Acceptance is freedom. Having to have answers for everything is exhausting. Sometimes there isn’t an answer to our question, that is when we need to let it go. we can become addicted to or consumed by needing to know why something happened. Sometimes all we can do is accept we won’t ever get an answer and move past it. We become what we constantly think about. We can focus on changing our perception of a situation if we cannot change the situation itself. What we resist, persists. What others resist, we can choose to accept.

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