A Reason Not To Argue

Someone might not be mentally mature enough to grasp the concept of different perspectives. When we enter into a conversation, debate or argument with the sole purpose of being right, we are already wrong and we have lost. When we approach the same interactions wanting to understand and be understood, we win. Some of us cannot hold space for alternative views, new or different perspectives. We have an overriding need for others to agree with us. Life gets better when we let that go. There is something incredibly liberating about not having to be right, not having to defend a point of view. Confidence is quiet, insecurity is loud. Some people want to understand us and our ideas, some people do not. There is little point arguing with someone that is committed to not understanding you. All we can do is look to understand more from them in the hope this can further our own understanding. Everybody just wants to be heard and seen. Some of us are mentally more mature so we don’t feel the need to argue. It’s not to say we shouldn’t say what we think or feel, we just don’t need to convince someone to agree with us. There are many reasons not to argue.

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