A Little Bit Of Belief Goes A Long Way

Ideas are the seeds of creation, if we want to create a belief in ourselves all we need are little seeds of the idea of it. That little bit of self-belief, if nurtured can grow exponentially. We just need to intend for it to happen and it can happen. With no intention, growth is possible but it is much less likely. Only we can create and cultivate self-belief, it cannot be done for us. Any belief we feel we gain from others or external sources is false, it’s not real self-belief; It’s external validation. This validation feels great in the short term but ultimately won’t ever be enough because we will need more and more of it, it will never fulfil us. When we believe in ourselves and it comes from within us, it’s enough. We are enough. Intention is the seed of manifestation, if we want something, anything to manifest we need to have the intention for it to be. If we intend for our self-belief to manifest and grow, it will. Sprinkle the seeds, nurture them, cultivate them with intention and watch our self-belief manifest and grow. A little bit of belief goes a long way.

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