A Honest No Is Better Than An Ingenuine Yes

We have all likely done it, we have said yes when we really wanted to say no. We don’t want to upset people, we don’t want someone to think badly of us, we want people to like us. As much as we have and do this, it is likely that people have said yes to us, when they wanted to say no. They didn’t want to upset us, they didn’t want us to think badly of them, they wanted us to like them. The more secure we become in ourselves, the more our self-worth grows, the more integrity and authenticity we develop, the easier life gets. When we are only ever honest (but kind) we have much less worry in our minds, much less anxiety. Life gets better. Sometimes we may disappoint people, that is unfortunate but not as much as disappointing ourselves. Sometimes people may think badly of us, but we know we are not a bad person. People will either like us or they won’t, whether we are pretending to be someone or we are being completely authentic. An honest no, is better than an ingenuine yes.

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