30/60/90: Habits, Skills & Change

It can take 30 days for you to notice a difference in yourself. It can take 60 days for others to notice a difference in you. It can take 90 days to really transform a change in yourself. Any new habit and any new skill needs practice. It needs practice to develop, to continue to develop and to maintain it's proficiency. We have become so impatient in our lives. We are now expectant of next or same day delivery, instant downloads and even faster speed in our microwave lives. Building skills, developing new habits and unlearning old habits all take time. Much more time than we want to give them or think we need to give them. The more we practice, the better we get. The higher the priority we give the practice, the faster the development happens. We often won’t see results, we often won’t feel results as we practice. This is where we need to keep going anyway, the results will come. Patience is often the first skill we need to cultivate, the patience with ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be beginners so we can become excellent. We have to start somewhere. Give it at least 30 days to see it for yourself, give it at least 60 days for others to take note, give it at least 90 days to have transformed the habit, skill or change within you. Make a start, keep going even when you can’t see or feel results. Eventually you will get there. 30/60/90: Habits, skills and change.

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