adam steele


I am an award winning & highly effective retailer, leader, business founder & owner. Having worked for iconic retail institutions in both NZ  & the UK,  I have lead & managed significant teams & turnovers. I have launched & developed my own businesses & trained, coached & mentored hundreds of people throughout my 20+ year career.


It all started at age 11 when I represented New Zealand the Australasian finals of Future Problem Solving (a programme for gifted children) coming 4th overall. I found myself in Australia again a decade later (as an award prize) having won the prestigious Westfield 'New Zealand Young Retailer Of The Year' Award.

I went onto become the Regional Sales Manager for Auckland, then the National Sales Manager of New Zealand's largest department store chain before emigrating to the UK. Working in senior management positions in the North East, Southern UK & in Wales for retail behemoth Next & then Howells of Cardiff, I went on to found my first business, The Capelli Salons Group.

Of all my career achievements, helping others exceed their own perceived potential is by far the most rewarding thing I have done. Now I love working with people to develop their physical &/or mental fitness, 


methods &


I strongly believe to in the prioritisation of our our mental & physical health in life. If we want to feel better, get better & be better we do this through the development of our fitness & our perspective. We have many types of fitness, broadly split into physical fitness (cardiovascular, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility & nutritional fitness) & mental fitness (emotional fitness, social & relationship fitness)

My PHILOSOPHY includes 4 pillars:



I really understand & can empathise with what it is like to feel lost, depressed, anxious, addicted, overweight & overwhelmed...

I've been there. I didn't know what do to & when I started to learn what to do to feel better & get better I didn't enjoy it & I didn't like it. 

That did change over time, I changed. I learned how to change my mindset. I really want to help others to do the same. I have a very personal experience in every aspect of everything I train & coach.

I had to develop my own mental fitness & strength to transform my mind, my body & my life. I have learned how to cultivate self-esteem, self-confidence & self-worth. To really change our bodies & our physical health, we have to change our mindset.

I have learned how to be self-motivated, disciplined & now have a healthy relationship with food & my body image. I know how to build healthy habits & how to replace unhealthy ones & want to continue to show others how to do the same.

So many of us just don't know what to do to feel better, look better or get better. I like to educate by sharing the information & knowledge & train the actions needed to make these changes. I support with coaching new skills & habits & with the guidance & strategy to transform our fitness, our health & our lives.

So I encourage & empower others to progress their own personal development with my help & support.

My METHOD includes:




Helping improve knowledge within tasks & actions. Training on what exactly we need to do to achieve our goals. These can be physical &/or mental goals. I prefer to teach rather than tell, we all have a different path & I like to share my best practice with others.


Helping develop skills & habits, not just in exercise & nutrition, but also in mental skills such as motivation, confidence, organisation & discipline to support personal development.


Helping with strategic goal setting, prioritisation & managing change within ourselves & our lives. Looking at what's next whilst working on the right now.


certificates &



UK Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

UK Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing

DIPLOMA IN LIFE COACHING (with distinction):

CPD Certificate in Life Coaching

CPD Certificate in Advanced Training Systems

CPD Certificate in Bodyweight Exercises

CPD Certificate in Hydration & Exercise

CPD Certificate in Business, Sales & Marketing

Rogen Presentation Skills Certificate

Certificate of Achievement: Blanchard Situational Leadership

Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS): Full Check


my physical



When I started working on my physical fitness, I didn't really know what I was doing. I didn't have a trainer or a coach, I learned everything from the internet & reading. My results would have come much sooner if I had a trainer/coach or if I had the knowledge I have now, then. I was fortunate that I tracked my progress, it has motivated me immeasurably.

After my physical changes became more noticeable to the people around me in my life, I would regularly get comments & compliments about my body shape change & transformation. What everyone  couldn't see were the positive changes in my mind. My mindset was different, my mental fitness had significantly improved alongside my physical fitness. 

My results inspired me to qualify as a personal trainer & life coach.


weight: 93kg

waist measurement: 109cm

BMI: 27.1

body fat: 31.6%

resting heart rate: 65bpm


Weight: 92kg

Waist Measurement: 105.5cm

BMI: 25.3

Body Fat: 30.9%

Resting Heart Rate: 64bpm

3 months .jpeg

Weight: 84.7kg

Waist Measurement: 98cm

BMI: 24.8

Body Fat: 25%

Resting Heart Rate: 60bpm


Weight: 79.2kg

Waist Measurement: 92cm

BMI: 23.3

Body Fat: 21.1%

Resting Heart Rate: 59bpm


Weight: 76.6kg

Waist Measurement: 90cm

BMI: 22.

Body Fat: 18.6%

Resting Heart Rate: 59bpm


Weight: 79.6kg

Waist Measurement: 91cm

BMI: 23.1

Body Fat: 19.3%

Resting Heart Rate: 59bpm


Weight: 80.5kg

Waist Measurement: 92cm

BMI: 23.5

Body Fat: 19.7%

Resting Heart Rate: 58bpm

24 months .jpeg

Weight: 72.65kg

Waist Measurement: 86cm

BMI: 21.2

Body Fat 10.9%

Resting Heart Rate: 55bpm


Weight: 78.1kg

Waist Measurement: 89.5cm

BMI: 22.8

Body Fat 12.1%

Resting Heart Rate: 59bpm

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